About Us

About The Full Life Ahead Foundation Family

You can only form a foundation that provides this much support and love if you’ve been there.  Judy Barclay and Jan Cobb, not only talk the talk, but they have most certainly walked the walk.

They met on a softball field in 1994 where their daughters Dine’ and Amanda met and became friends. Like most young women the girls made plans for the future. Talked of sharing an apartment. Their parents smiled never really thinking much about that future because both young women had disAbilities.

Judy was experienced in working the school system and had been an advocate for her daughter for many years. Jan was a novice in this arena. She had worked with her daughter’s school counselors, but never thought much about the future.

The two were brought closer together after Judy became employed by the State Department of Education as a Parent Support Specialist.  She was assigned to create a guidebook on transitioning school-aged children with disAbilities. Judy enlisted Jan and a couple of other moms. In the end, Jan felt their creativity was stifled by the state, but none-the-less it was a start.

Fast forward a couple of years and Judy and Jan were asked to compile a workbook again, but this time without the restrictions. They jumped at the chance. Many months, hundreds of hours, sweat and tears went into this book that is today called Full Life Ahead: A Workbook and Guide to Adult Life for Students & Families of Students with disAbilities. It was initially published under a grant from the Office of Special Education Programs for national distribution. And, it is distributed nationally – families, schools systems, organizations working with individuals with disAbilities, various agencies and service providers all use this workbook.

In 2002, Judy and Jan and Henry decided to make their passion official and formed The Full Life Ahead Foundation. By forming the foundation they had the opportunity to broaden their service to individuals, families, and schools. They were focused on lessons they had learned and in helping people go from where they are… to where they want to be. It is a step-by-step process for someone with a disAbility. It’s not about what someone can give you, it’s about what you can achieve.

Join our family. Know there is a Full Life Ahead!