Discover A Full Life Ahead

Good people comfort others and offer reciprocity.-Confucious

Trust.  Not much is ever really accomplished without a team and a community.  And, one thing I know is you can trust the Full Life Ahead Workbook and Guide to change your family’s future because in the first few pages of the user-friendly book, you will find H.O.P.E and that changes everything.

With hope, you take up residence in a world of possibilities and opportunities, many of which have been hiding in plain sight. When you sit down over a cup of coffee or sweet tea, this workbook guides you in discovering a Full Life Ahead.

Like most things in life, this workbook doesn’t promise you easy or instant success. However, it does provide you with step by step instructions on how to efficiently build a healthy support system, if you work with it.

Perhaps, my favorite part of this workbook is the focus on self-determination.  Written in an accessible format parents, teachers, and students can follow each section and end up with a complete plan for transitioning from school to adult life.

The Full Life Ahead Workbook effectively guides you and your family in determining what you are good at, the many ways you enjoy your life and define what doesn’t work for you helping you to avoid situations which are not a good fit for you.

When utilizing this workbook, you may find meaningful insights and unexpected gifts. DisAbility begins to look more like “ABILITY” and the future looks promising as you discover more about your gifts, talents, and skills can be best maximized in creating a Full Life Ahead.

For parents, stepping back from day to day reality, taking the time to access new dreams for your soon to be adult children, you can begin to address your fears and concerns.   Somehow, putting your thoughts down on paper assists you and your family in moving forward allowing you to develop effective support strategies. Checklists are provided making it easier to consider the many areas touched by adulthood; housing, life skills, employment and social skills. Other gemstones in this prized book worthy of consideration are transportation, community participation and the all-important financial and legal planning.

One of the best features of this workbook is you can begin anywhere!

For instance, on page 58, I find this section the crown, which holds all the other jewels in this treasure trove of guidance. Financial details and paperwork drive the rehabilitation system. Once you have all the details put together, your mind is free to dream bigger. Preparation meets opportunities.

Approach this workbook as a guide to improving your human performance.  Small, incremental and consistent effort result in substantial outcomes for you and your family.

I remember when Mikelle was nearing graduation from high school.  While watching the movie, The Other Sister, she like the protagonist who experiences an intellectual disability, mentioned she wanted to move out and live on her own, too.  Not one of our family and friends thought she could manage to live away from home.

Historically underestimated and overly persistent, Mikelle stepped up to the task of moving out because it was an essential goal for her.

It was over sweet cornbread and hot chili, we gathered friends and family together in the party room of our condo one evening.  Henry and Judy Barclay and Lisa Manly flew up from Alabama to Denver to facilitate Mikelle’s H.O.P.E Team, and within months, we arranged for her to have a supported living experience in an apartment.  At first, I wasn’t sure it would work. We had a few “few learning experiences” but eventually, she settled in. After a year of renting, she purchased her own condo.

Financially, owning her condo was a smart decision which has paid off for her.  Mikelle has equity. And, Social Security doesn’t care. Home ownership is allowable. More importantly, Mikelle is the “boss” of her own home, the rest of us just support her in living her life.

Take your time to complete each chapter of this book, but do finish them.

Actively build an H.O.P.E. Team, unlock the power of the community brain to assist you and your family in problem-solving and reaching your goals.  Stay encouraged. You will learn. You will grow.

And, you succeed as long as you have hope, a plan and take small meaningful steps consistently—all outlined for you in the Full Life Ahead Workbook and Guide.