Uncertainty Ruling Your New Year?

It is hard to believe we are already two weeks into this new year. Has your introduction into 2018 begun with a stutter or a stop? Are you more irresolute—more full of doubt and uncertainty than resolve?

Somewhere in your world sits a 2018 Calendar. The white, blank pages lay before you like a snowfield or a beach unfettered by footprints. Sure there may be a few appointments scattered across the pages, just like your intentions for the New Year.

Winter’s icy grip knocks on your front door reminding you to slow down. This year, consider letting the warmth of a cozy fire or a cup of hot cocoa pry you lose from the frail grip of making New Year’s resolutions. Forget the goals to lose weight, save money and exercise more.

Instead, I ask you to take the time to be mindless, to sift through the kernels of time in silence and come back to still waters. I invite you to embrace your confusion, let hesitation take center stage in your life and become the audience in your own miraculous life.

I want you to hold a loved one while crunching on popcorn and watching a movie, I want you to taste the smoky sweetness of barbeque ribs, or to step outside and walk among the tall pine trees breathing in their freshness and watch how they move, how they endure and how they reach for the sun.

I want you to look into the darkness of a lonely winter’s night and stand under Orion’s Belt. For a brief moment feel nature’s wonder knowing that you, without any resolutions, are part of it all and there is a plan for your life.

Yes, logic has it that we need to be the author of our plan. Yes, a written plan is beneficial. The heart always makes the plan work. Without it, it is just a “to-do” list.

So for now, lose the logic. Tap into your intuition. Say a prayer and wait for the answer.

Winter’s frozen grasp will soon loosen, your heart will grow full of possibilities.

Tend to love’s garden and see what will bloom this spring.