Meet Hannah

Hannah’ Heart of Hope


Hi, my name is Hannah’s Heart of Hope, the mascot of The Full Life Ahead Foundation of Hope. I’m known around here as the “HOPE Hound”. My job is to make people laugh, play with them, cuddle with them and get them involved, and I do that by hanging out at HOPE team meetings, FLAF retreats, workshops, camps and at FLAF’s office to meet people when they come in to talk about their needs.

FLAF and I share a common interest: to get on the trail to answers and find solutions of all kinds. For me I come by it naturally. I’m a dachshund. We are known for our extraordinary sniffing, digging, and hunting skills. FLAF is similarly skilled at sniffing out solutions and hunting down the right connections for individuals with disAbilities. They are focused on finding immediate solutions, making them happen and then moving on to make really long term dreams come true.


Hannah’ Heart of Hope

Neither of us ever gives up when we are on the path to helping make dreams a reality. Just as on a hunt I use my long snout to peer into a dark hole to find game (usually a badger), FLAF is dedicated to searching out what appears to be hidden – be it benefits, opportunities, employment and beyond – and revealing what’s available to individuals, families and educators.

I really like it here. Don’t tell anyone but I would do this for dog biscuits.




P.S. and by the way, check out my “Hannah’s Hope Facts”!

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