Planting Happiness


Posted by Katherine Carol

(NOTE: This is the second post in the series on Life Planting.)

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and the end of human existence.” ~Aristotle

Yes. Fulfilled dreams lead to happiness, which as a caregiver your so richly deserve.

Happiness changes from year to year. Disability changes, gets better, gets worse and we change with it.

Let’s define your ideas of happiness and personal satisfaction.  It is best if you can increase your awareness of sacrificial nature of caregiving and learn out to break free from the limitations and expectations of society and even, your own personal doubts.

This is the year to step off  merry-go-round of putting other people’s needs before your own. 

Our current approach to caregiving is often sacrificial in nature.  Typically, a caregiver puts their dreams on the back burner. Puttin yourself first can feel like you are abandoning the people you love.

It is a dilemma and a challenging one at that.

Neither choice appears to be the right one. It can be easier not to fight for you own needs. But what if you could find a way to care for yourself AND the people you love?

Just by reading this blog, you are taking a step towards building a better life.  Mikelle and I hope to stimulate your own thinking, tickle your desire to cultivate the soil of your life and plant new dreams.

Even as you move forward, you will have to do a little weeding. After all, there is the endless to-do list looming with its monstrous time eating tentacles. What about activities of daily living (ADL’s), paperwork, housework, personal care needs, therapy and the list goes on.

Let’s start by shifting your focus from just getting through the day.  Take five minutes, not much longer and write down three things that make you smile when you do them. These are the seeds of new dreams. We have a few ideas to help you nurture you dreams. Stay posted. With a little toil and effort soon a new life will sprout.

Living with disability doesn’t mean having a disabled life

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Even though Katherine Carol is based in Denver, Colorado, she has been a long-friend and frequent visitor to Full Life Ahead events. Katherine currently serves as Chairperson of the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council and is a Board Member for the Washington (state) Initiative on Supported Employment. Most importantly, her partnership with her daughter, Mikelle Learned, who experiences cerebral palsy, has served to pioneer innovative and inclusive opportunities for people with disabilities and their families.   Visit Katherine and Mikelle at The Shining Beautiful website for more blogs and videos authored by Katherine, Mikelle and members of the Shining Beautiful Community.