It Took On A Life Of Its Own… B-Metro – November 2011

Summer Camp 2011 Pictures

Brown Family Featuring in Shelby County Reporter

Full Life Ahead and Josh Echols Featured on Regions website

Help Maegan – She wants to attend the School she is zoned for

Read about Maegan’s fight to attend the school

Disabled teen’s parents say MPS violated daughter’s civil rights

“disABILITY” Transition Workbook: Step-By-Step Guide from Childhood to Independent Adulthood

Libro de trabajo para la transicion de los “disAbles”:
La guia, paso por paso, desde la ninez hasta la independencia del adulto.

December 14, 2009
National “disABILITY” Foundation Launches New Website

November 1, 2009
Birmingham News

EMPLOYING DISABLED PEOPLE: A win for businesses and individuals

January 27, 2009
“Governor’s Committee Awards The Full Life Ahead Foundation the Annual Birmingham ‘Community Partnership Award’”

January 27, 2009
“Governor’s Committee Awards Leeds Resident ‘Supported Employee of the Year’”

January 27, 2009
Governor’s Committee Awards Gardendale Resident “Supported Employee of the Year”