Remember to Love Yourself

It is all about the love.

Every day I learn to love more.  I await what comes from an unpredictable day, daring myself to fall into an uncertain moment on the side of love, not fear.  I dare myself to step into the vulnerabilities of an open heart.

It takes courage to open a heartbroken not once, but many times. Each day, you and I stand in the doorway of an uncertain future with the understanding life isn’t always easy, yet it can be stunning in its beauty.

As we celebrate the month of love on Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate our amazing children and let’s include celebrating how amazing each of us is each and every day.

As we seek to cherish the genius in our children and encourage their growth, let us acknowledge our creative thought, bright ideas, and powerful persistence.

I know there are times in the stillness of the night you feel profoundly alone—even unloved. I am here to recognize that you are a life changer, world creator, and holder of peaceful love.

Your loving spirits remind me of this poem by Emily Dickenson.

If I can stop one heart from breaking,

I shall not live in vain;

If I can ease one life the aching,

Or cool one pain,

Or help one fainting robin

Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain.

                -Emily Dickinson

Poetry is the heart and breath of Valentine’s Day experience, and in a similar way, you are the heart and breath of your family. Caring for them means caring for yourself.  Here are some ways in which you can “love yourself” to “love others.”


Love. Focus on love and not fear. Do not worry if you are not the perfect parent. No one is. It is an illusion. Just love the person you have become, and will be.

Open. Be gentle with yourself. Feel the challenges of your life and be kind to yourself as you would a loved one.  Don’t feel sorry for yourself, feel open appreciation for your journey as a spiritual warrior with great courage. Share this experience with other.

If you are open to the world, it will be available to you.

Value. It is important to take time out of your busy life to appreciate the many contributions, big and small, that you make each day. You are an integral part of your family and your community. The gifts you give each day ripple through the years and generations to come. You will never know how powerful your smallest actions affect the world.

Empathy. Be open to forgiving yourself and others. The truth is we are wounded and working towards healing these wounds from our childhood, those inflicted because of our race, gender, heritage, work experiences, abilities or disabilities. When you see the injuries in others, it is easier to comprehend the source of their pain. Forgive them if you can. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made. Love thrives in a forgiving environment.

This is the time for Your Opportunity to Understand, Relax, Satisfy your needs, and Enjoy the Laughter and Freedom of life!