We spend our days out in the community, navigating the journey of transition, alongside some pretty amazing families. Taking steps to guide individuals with disabilities and their families, the Full Life Ahead Foundation helps to identify potential opportunities to bring tired families out of a state of confusion & frustration, to a celebration of accomplishment and encouragement.

Every day, we witness individuals conquering challenges and emerging with more independence that puts them on a path toward success. Identifying strengths and weaknesses in an intentional way, we depend on the generous hearts of donors and volunteers to accomplish these successes each and every year.

The Full Life Ahead Foundation is a community of practice and motivation. A source of motivation that, coupled with a unique workbook approach and family camp experience, brings individuals & families to a point of Family Empowerment – the ability to see a future with an incredibly FULL life. Full of purpose. Full of hope. and full of faith that conquers the fears of the daily challenges a life with a disability brings.