Full Life Ahead, with its founders and board chairs, Judy and Henry Barclay, is an organization
composed of the most dedicated advocates I have worked with or met in trying to assist individuals with
disabilities with quality employment opportunities. Their persistence and creativity in creating
employment is outstanding. They are truly some of the most dedicated, creative and hardworking
professionals in their field and are the leaders in their industry. I highly recommend anyone to work
with Full Life Ahead!

Dave Hammis
Social Security Work Incentives Expert
Associates, Ohio

The Full Life Ahead Foundation has helped our family in many ways. We have been attending their
summer workshops in Alabama for three consecutive years. There are no programs of this nature in the
state of Florida, so we happily and eagerly drive to Alabama each summer. We like the camp because we
can stay on premises with our kids and get valuable information from the workshops while the staff
takes care of our children, keeping them busy and entertained with fun and educational activities;
Karaoke night and the pool being the big favorites. There is always a workshop that hits a question we
have had in our minds, or wondered about looming in the near future, with upbeat speakers and on time

The workbooks are very professional and informative with a huge resource of information that can be
referred to again and again. They are included with the workshop cost, along with meals, room and board.
All you do is show up and let yourself and your loved ones absorb the love and knowledge the staff and
presenters yearn to share with you. At first you will not believe that these people are genuine, but they
are and we love them like family now. We have not just made this bond with the staff but also other
families, professionals and speakers. We trust them wholeheartedly with the safety and well being of
our children. This is the way “real” life should be.

Our first year was very difficult because we have two sons with Autism. We were not used to the family
type attitude and atmosphere that the Full Life Ahead Foundation represents. We were welcomed as if
one big family, amongst many types of ages, races, and disabilities. We were taught to focus on our
children’s abilities, instead of what they aren’t able to do. With each year that passes, we see more
families with Autism and we try to always encourage them to let their kids loose with the staff and
enjoy their time as parents and a couple. Each year we come home with a renewed HOPE in mankind.

Many activities at the camp are wheelchair friendly including the luscious pool. The cabins are beautiful
and neat and cozy with an awesome view of Lake Martin. Our children have been able to make friends,
something that is rare for them. We highly recommend the Full Life Ahead Foundation to everyone and
anyone for their services and workshops. Feel free to email me with any questions. Now if we could only
get them to move to Florida!

Florida mother of two children with Autism, 5
and 7 yrs old

I have personally worked with The Full Life Ahead Foundation for seven years now through a variety of
projects. We have collaborated on systems change on Self-Employment for the Alabama Department of
Rehabilitation Services, done training with parents and self-advocates, one-on-one consultations with
families and individuals, presented at workshops and weekends as well as giving continuous technical
assistance to the people with whom FULL LIFE AHEAD FOUNDATION works.
We have watched throughout the years and have always seen a high level of integrity, follow-through,
consistency, creativity, collaboration, personalization, and generally just “whatever it takes to help their
families and self-advocates achieve their goals”. We are delighted to continue to work with Full Life
Ahead and call them Partners of Griffin-Hammis.

Cary Griffin
Employment Expert
Griffin-Hammis Associates, Montana

When hope is lost, it can be found at Full Life Ahead! I have personally seen family after family arrive
at a Full Life Ahead weekend, tired, desperate, frustrated and alone…only to become infected with the
virus of hopes and dreams. Too often, individuals with disabilities and their families have been lost or
discarded within the system that was designed to support them. But, that all changes in a matter of
hours as they begin to see new possibilities and they come away with more than renewed hope, they come
away with a plan that works. They come away with the support needed to implement the plan; lives
change and dreams come true, thanks to the folks at Full Life Ahead!

Katherine Carol
Parent – Founder/Owner – Tango Consulting, Colorado

The Full Life Ahead workbook was an amazing tool to use in developing my daughter’s transition plan
within her Individualized Education Plan. We used it in conjunction with a HOPE Team Process that I
adapted and that the team met on and discussed for over a year. This assisted Samantha in learning
about her disability and things she needed to know about herself to prepare her for independent living.
She has been living independently for three years now, with staff assisting her throughout the day. She
has maintained a job in the community for eight years now, while keeping her social calendar very active!
The Full Life Ahead Foundation workbook helped me to consider areas of her life that I may not have
normally thought of – it also kept me on track. I especially like the layout of the workbook – it is user
friendly, follows a logical sequence and makes the process fun and enjoyable (not an arduous task). I
recommend the workbook to many families who are starting the transition process.

Sam is doing very well, and my agency has now taken over staffing her home (we’re approaching our one-
year anniversary shortly). She still lives with the same guy (they’re just friends), although they now live
in an apartment. Life is very good for her. THE FULL LIFE AHEAD FOUNDATION have been
instrumental in the success of Sam’s transition into adult life!

Deborah Lamoree
Disability Development Resource LLC –