What is Waiting for You in 2019?

The Christmas tree is back in the box. Time to put out the welcome mat for 2019.

Most of us are tired from all the holiday shuffle and are tempted to fall into the warm arms of a comfy chair, cover ourselves with a cozy quilt, and sip tea as we look out at the evening sky watching snowflakes and raindrops fall gently to the ground. A little rest and recuperation are what we crave. For a moment or two, it is essential to celebrate the sanctity of time slowing down to dream and come back to the still winter waters and breathe in the fresh New Year.

We celebrate the undeniable serenity of freshly fallen snow–for a time as the night holds us in peaceful repose. Eventually, we need to shovel the walks, driveways and clean out the clutter of 2018 to find the headwaters of 2019. Snow melts, raindrops fall into creeks, then streams and rivers, much like the days become months and years. Powerful forces carve out the canyons of our lives.

The day after New Year’s Day, I, like you sat in the silence of morning without a to-do list, a holiday function or errand to run. My day looked like a freshly fallen snowfield — not a mark on it.
I watched my favorite astrologer on YouTube tell me that the planets support new dreams and new pathways particularly in the first four months of the year. His exuberance was contagious as he said, “All planets are direct, none of the crazy retrograde energy of 2018. Never in our lives have we experienced these planetary alignments.” I didn’t know if I should be excited or scared when he said that.

The time is right for us to move those dreams forward, if we clean out the clutter, let go of relationships and situations which don’t support us and step into our authentic selves. So, I am doing that. I am taking a risk writing about the fact I like to listen to astrologers. I find them fascinating and more insightful than most regarding our changing times.

Astrology is probably not your authentic interest, but there is something. Besides astrology, art, music, and athletics are part of who I am. Remember back before being a special needs parent? There once were interests and passions you wanted to pursue. 2019 might be the right time to explore new opportunities to express the other real aspects of you.

Still, in my pj’s, I pour a hot cup lemon water on this January morning perched up on my stool at the kitchen table, I peer out the window of Mikelle’s condo watching pets and people trek along the snow-covered walk. I see my reflection in the window and ask myself what do I want from this year?

Possibilities abound. Art, music, a new love, more sports, a vacation, order, and organization, write another book, become a podcaster, a better dancer, a more capable mother, sister, and daughter? Do I still want to change the world or find a way to live within it? I know life is going to change. It seems to change daily.

The astrologer touted hard work follows dreams. Breakthroughs don’t happen with idle hands.

My stomach tightens the way it does when I stand at the top of steep mountain ski slope surveying the long white run cutting through the pine trees. Fear and excitement ignite me into action. One cannot stand at the top of a mountain all day. I realize like you might, to move forward into the coming year, I need to let go of the past. I can’t run into the future tripping over the clutter or getting lost in piles of paper, books or old clothes.

The next four days I tossed out papers and books into bins. I cleaned out the buffets, closets even unleashing Mikelle and her team, specifically our organizing queen, Taylor, whose eyes lit up, with the task of cleaning up Mikelle’s room and the hall pantry. Taylor even offered to break out her new laminating machine to create grocery lists, erasable schedules and other delights for Mikelle and her new team members.

Mikelle sat staring at her room, the only sound was the click of her wheelchair as she surveyed her room.What should go and what should stay? She pondered. In a flash, purses piled up on the bed ready to go to the Arc Thrift Store. Her pointed finger ordered the immediate removal of her old manual and power chairs taking up precious real estate in her bedroom. Cleaning is contagious!

Eight bags later, two wheelchairs and a box of books were loaded up and ready to go on to their next adventure. I moved all my writing books into a bookcase in one room along with art supplies, which I intend to use. Next up, all my sports equipment. Skis, snowshoes, tennis gear found a new location because I now had room for them.

I sifted through all my 2018 files, boxed them up in preparation for tax time and labeled 2019 files. I sent in Mikelle’s redetermination paperwork, finished up the new paperwork for her Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS) because the New Year brought further changes. Whew!

After this burst of productivity, I could feel the Capricorn energy surging through my veins. It felt amazing. My advice, ride this wave and start 2019 well-prepared.

What is next? New artwork for Mikelle and me to sell, more writing on my blog, podcasting for Mikelle’s website, lose ten pounds, dance more and read—novels.

My decision is clear. I am surfing this new energy for the next four months, then take a break. I know work must be followed by rest and renewal — my plan for April.

Now January is crisp, clear and clutter free. Dreams are as bright as the winter’s sun on a Colorado robin’s egg blue sky. I am excited about 2019. It won’t be without challenges, but my challenges won’t be cluttered with old “stuff.”

Here are a few tips for you in cleaning out 2018 and preparing for 2019.

1. First up, forgive life. We are not victims; we are amazing people who do incredible things. Let go of the past.  You deserve to live in the present and create a bright future.

2. Be willing to be amazing. Each of you has more talent in your little finger than most people will ever imagine. Be ready to step into your grace and live fully.

3. Set a time for getting busy. Make a list of what has to go. Don’t think too long. Just pile things up and get rid of the stuff in your life that doesn’t make you smile.